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3A and 2A Duals, season updates, etc.

Hello NCMaters and welcome back to The Grind. Sorry for the later than usual update. No excuses other than being lazy. With the extra time we've all had with the weather related delays and cancellations there is no excuse for the tardiness of this update, but better late than never, right? Or so they say.

I wanted to update everyone on the status of the NC Wrestling Forum. The word I received this morning is that the Forum is being moved to a new server. The intent of moving to a new server is so that the Forum can be updated using the newest and latest software. Many people have complained about the Forum being "dead" so to speak this season, but the reality is that the Forum is just as much read and visited this year as it has been in the past. Just not as many people are posting. That's the only difference. Hopefully, the Forum will be back up and running in the near future for all of us to enjoy once again.

I've been Emailed and approached by several people about the off-season schedule. The schedule is almost complete. If you'd like to see the schedule put together thus far send me an email to and I will send you what I've got. Soon, there will be banners on NCMat for these tournaments that will link you straight to the registration page, which is

With this edition of The Grind, I will be discussing the upcoming 3A and 2A state duals. Before getting into that I want to revisit the prior edition of The Grind to mention a team that was omitted from the list of teams to watch for in the 4A state duals. That team is Northwest Guilford. The Vikings, much like their coach, have been really quiet this season, but they're in the midst of having a phenomenal season in spite of the fact that to date they still haven't fielded their entire lineup. Once this team gets to 100% they very well could be the team to watch for.

Another 4A team that should be watched is Jack Britt. First year coach Byron Sigmon is working some of that Sigmon coaching magic (following his Hall of Fame father's lead) and the Buccaneers are beginning to surge. Proving that point is their huge win over Lumberton earlier this month, which has created a whirlwind of intrigue within their conference.

OK, with 4A being cleared up a bit, and trust me, it's possible I still missed a team or two, but I feel confident with the coverage given to the 4A division, it's now time to move on. I will begin with the 2A division. The clear cut fav