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4A and 1A Duals, season updates, etc.

Hello NCMaters, and welcome back to The Grind. About this time of the season all the parents and wrestlers should know exactly what it means by being in the grind of wrestling season. It's a necessary evil, especially for those wrestlers who want to succeed on a higher level. When it's all said and done the memories and relationships will last a lifetime.

With this edition of The Grind, I'm going to start getting into some discussion of the top ranked teams in the state. For this edition, I am going to discuss the 4A classification and the 1A classification.

In the last edition of The Grind, I went into discussion somewhat about high school sanctioned wrestling for girls that are involved in wrestling. A couple of interesting tidbits related to that can be shared. The first is add the state of Wisconsin to the list of states that offer sanctioned wrestling for girls. Kudos to that state for doing the right thing. Next, on the latest NCHSAA Board of Directors agenda list was an interesting item that caught my attention. The agenda stated something along the lines of doing something to raise the number of females involved in wrestling. This is a positive sign and hope the powers that be understand the easiest fix to it is to completely sanction wrestling for girls here in North Carolina. It's beyond time for this to happen.

Looking out across the landscape of wrestling in North Carolina obviously the big news of the state is the early season success of the NC State Wolfpack. Coach Popolizio has that team competing on a higher level and they are highly ranked nationally. The Grind would love nothing more than to see NC State bring home a top 5 finish in the NCAA Championships. Penn State appears to have a firm grip on the top spot, but NC State has made tremendous strides nationally. With the recruiting effort Coach Pop and the rest of the staff put in I suspect the success in Raleigh will only continue from here on.

On the high school level it looks like there is some legitimate competition building up steam in the 4A state dual classification, The Grind views this field as wide open as it's been in a long time. There is no clear cut favorite to win this division as each team appears to have problem spots that can be exposed by opponents. This classification will most likely boil down to damage control across the board for all teams. The teams that appear to have the best shot at advancing deep are (listed alphabetically) Cary, Davie, Lumberton, Mooresville, Purnell Swett, and Ragsdale.

Lumberton and Purnell Swett are newcombers to the state fold and when they're at full st