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Welcome to THE NCMAT!!

Well, it's been a long time since the original NCMAT ceased to exist, and not having it around meant that for many of us there was a missing part to the state wide wrestling scene in North Carolina. The idea of creating a new state wide website has been in my mind for quite some time and after discussing with a few friends of mine involved in wrestling I decided to go for it. So, welcome to The NCMAT! We hope everybody will enjoy The NCMAT and will make the site a part of their everyday routine.

The NCMAT is the place to come for both individual and team rankings for wrestlers and wrestling teams across North Carolina. If you're a coach and have someone to recommend for the rankings please be sure to Email that information to the person responsible for the rankings of the division your wrestler competes in.

Additionally, The NCMAT will be where you can find advertisements for upcoming tournaments. There will be banners for tournaments listed on the tournaments page. If you're hosting a tournament and would like to advertise your tournament send me an Email at your earliest convenience. Eventually, most likely with the spring off-season tournaments, online registration will be available via The NCMAT as well as online paying for these tournaments.

There is a Forum page with The NCMAT. Feel free to join and post your thoughts and opinions. Please keep it clean and respectful.

The pre-season rankings are just that: pre-season rankings. There will surely be people listed in the wrong weight class. Be patient as the weight classes are worked out. Feel free to send any information you have to the appropriate person.

That's it for now..until next time,


Maurice Atwood

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